Shades of Summer: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Vacation
July 15, 2023

As the summer sun rises high in the sky, vacation plans start to take shape. Whether heading to a sunny beach destination, exploring new cities, or embarking on an outdoor adventure, sunglasses should never be overlooked. This guide will help you find the ideal shades that combine fashion and functionality, ensuring you’re ready for all the sunny escapades that lie ahead.


1. UV Protection is Paramount

When it comes to sunglasses, UV protection should be your primary concern. Look for sunglasses offering 100% UV protection, blocking UVA and UVB rays. Prolonged exposure to these harmful rays can lead to eye damage and increase the risk of eye diseases, so investing in high-quality sunglasses with proper UV filters is essential.

2. Choose the Right Lens Color

Lens color isn’t just about aesthetics; it also affects how you perceive the world around you. Grey lenses provide the most accurate color representation, making them ideal for all-purpose use. Brown and amber lenses enhance contrast and are great for activities like hiking or driving. Green lenses reduce glare and are suitable for water sports. Mirrored lenses not only look stylish but also reduce glare in highly reflective environments like the beach.

3. Pick the Right Frame Shape

Finding the right frame shape is crucial for comfort and style. When choosing sunglasses, it’s important to consider your face shape as it can help you find the most flattering and comfortable styles. Aviator-style frames suit most face shapes and are a timeless classic. Rectangular frames complement round faces, while round frames balance out angular faces. Heart-shaped faces look great with cat-eye or rounded frames. Remember to try on different shapes to see what best suits your unique features.

4. Material Matters

The material of the sunglasses impacts their durability, weight, and style. Most sunglasses come in either plastic or metal frames. Plastic frames are lightweight and come in various colors, while metal frames offer a sleek and sophisticated look. Additionally, high-quality sunglasses often use materials like titanium, which are lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

5. Consider Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are specially designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, sand, or snow. They enhance visual clarity, reduce eye strain, and provide a more comfortable viewing experience, making them an excellent choice for beach vacations, fishing trips, or any outdoor activities near water.

6. Fit Matters

Even the most stylish and protective sunglasses won’t be effective if they don’t fit properly. When trying on sunglasses, ensure they sit snugly on your nose and do not slide down when you move. The arms should rest comfortably on your temples without feeling too tight. A proper fit not only ensures maximum eye protection but also prevents discomfort during extended wear.

7. Check for Durability and Quality

Vacations can be filled with adventurous activities, so it’s essential to choose sunglasses that can keep up with your itinerary. Check for sturdy construction, well-aligned hinges, and scratch-resistant lenses. Investing in a quality pair of sunglasses means they will serve you well for many vacations to come.


Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they are a crucial tool for protecting your eyes during your summer vacation. With the right sunglasses, you’ll not only be shielded from harmful rays but also look effortlessly stylish as you soak in the joys of your summer getaway. So, get ready to enjoy those sunny days with confidence and comfort as you explore new horizons through the shades of summer.