Lizard Lovers: Essential Supplies for Keeping Reptiles as Pets
July 22, 2023

Having lizards as pets can be a fascinating and rewarding experience for reptile enthusiasts. These scaly companions bring a unique charm and low-maintenance joy to your home. This article aims to guide lizard lovers through the essential supplies needed to create a comfortable and thriving environment for their reptilian friends.


1. The Right Lizard Enclosure

The most critical supply for lizard owners is a suitable enclosure or terrarium. The size and type of enclosure depend on the species of lizard you have. Some lizards, like geckos, thrive in vertical enclosures with climbing opportunities, while others, such as bearded dragons, prefer horizontal habitats with ample floor space. Research your lizard’s specific needs to select the perfect enclosure to accommodate their natural behaviors.

2. Proper Substrate

Selecting the appropriate substrate is vital for your lizard’s well-being. The substrate serves as the base of the enclosure, mimicking its natural environment. Common substrates include reptile carpet, newspaper, coconut coir, and reptile sand. Avoid using substrates that can be ingested, as this may lead to health issues if accidentally consumed during feeding or exploration.

3. Heat Source and Lighting

Lizards are ectothermic creatures, implying that they depend on external heat sources to control and regulate their body temperature. Provide an appropriate heat source, such as a heat lamp or heating pad, to create a warm basking area for your lizard to thermoregulate. Additionally, invest in full-spectrum UVB lighting to simulate natural sunlight, which is essential for their overall health and calcium metabolism.

4. Hiding Spots and Decorations

Lizards are creatures of habit and enjoy having hiding spots within their enclosure to feel secure. Offer a variety of decorations such as caves, rocks, branches, and artificial plants to create a stimulating and enriching environment. These hiding spots also provide climbing, basking, and exploring opportunities, all of which contribute to their physical and mental well-being.

5. Water Source and Bowls

A clean and accessible water source is crucial for your lizard’s hydration. Depending on the species, provide a shallow water dish or a small pool, as some lizards enjoy soaking to stay hydrated. Ensure the water is changed regularly to prevent contamination and promote good hygiene.

6. Proper Feeding Supplies

Feeding your lizard a balanced and nutritious diet is essential for their health. Research the specific dietary requirements of your lizard species and provide the appropriate food. Feeding supplies may include feeding dishes, tongs for handling live prey (if necessary), and calcium supplements to support bone health.

7. Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a clean and hygienic enclosure is essential for your lizard’s health. Have a set of cleaning supplies, such as reptile-safe disinfectants, brushes, and sponges, dedicated to maintaining the enclosure. Regularly clean the enclosure, substrate, and decorations to prevent the buildup of waste and bacteria.

8. Quarantine Enclosure

Before introducing a new lizard to your existing collection, quarantine them in a separate enclosure for a period of time. Quarantine helps to prevent the spread of potential diseases and parasites to your current lizards, ensuring the overall health of your reptile community.


Providing the right supplies for your lizards is vital to creating a comfortable and enriching environment for them to thrive. From a well-suited enclosure to feeding supplies, each aspect of lizard care contributes to their overall health and happiness. By investing in essential supplies and staying attentive to your lizards’ needs, you can cultivate a harmonious relationship with your reptilian companions.